MudCreek Rotary members enjoy breakfast at the Naked Crepe in Wolfville as we listen to our guest Duncan Ebata speak to us about the wonderful things happening at the Wolfville Community Oven on Front Street.
The oven is a hub to gather and belong, as well as a place for nourishment, food, joy laughter and connection. It is a place for all - intergenerational, diverse, playful and warm. It's seed - a simple concept - cook together, eat together, be together ... in all the diversity of community and in public.
It began as a result of a coffee conversation between Duncan and Adam - reimagining what a community food centre could look like in rural NS. It was built by community for community.
Mantra "We are all connected"
Vision "A Community where Everyone finds Belonging"
Mission "To re-imagine how we connect to each other and the land by creating a joyful space to cook together, eat together and share stories through the magic of food and fire."
Today there are a number of programs that have resulted from its operations which include community cookouts, building bridges, various Acadia, town and community events and workshops - to name a few. Activities include weekly community cookouts; fathers in the kitchen; Acadia Men's wellness space; partner events with various festivals and community celebrations, and the list goes on.
The Community Oven has a strong impact. In 2022 from May to December: 49 events were hosted with more than 1400 people cooking and 4200 people connecting. The oven is well established and has growing plans for the future. To learn more visit the FrontStreetOven website.
President Mike was on hand to thank our speaker.